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Inspired: Indigo Themed Weddings

Inspired: Indigo Themed Weddings

Indigo is a such a natural fit for a coastal themed wedding. It's rich, intense depth of colour can become a consistent thread tying a wedding's decor together - which is why we love it so much. It pairs perfectly with white, blush, antique gold and even copper. And can be applied BOLDLY across fabric, paper, tableware and of course icing!

Wedding stationery is often the first glimpse of your big day everyone gets. It can instantly set the day's style and tone and more importantly convey a piece of your story as a couple. If it's a coastal themed wedding, there may be a special cliff top setting, hidden cove or golden sand beach you both love, perfect for helping theme a stationery suite. 

Indigo is used heavily across our wedding stationery design as the original imagery is produced using the cyanotype technique. This naturally produces a deep, indigo colour when artworks are exposed outside in the sunlight. That coupled with the fact we use flowers, leaves and even pieces of seaweed, you could say nature itself plays a role in producing our designs!

 Coastal cyanotype print seaweed from Cornwall
Above is an example of our indigo coastal themed collection of prints

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