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Art prints and paper goods, inspired by nature and coastal living.

 Hi I'm Krystal, Graphic Designer and founder of Paper Birch, a Wall Art & Paper Goods brand, based in Cornwall, UK. I specialise in cyanotype printing and it's defining blue tone has become the signature style for Paper Birch. Inspired by nature and coastal living, I use the cyanotype process to create imagery directly from nature, often using seaweed and plants from the surrounding coastline here in Cornwall. Collections include striking blue nature art prints, yearly cyanotype calendars and 'ready to write' wedding invitations. All of the art prints are re-produced from original cyanotype exposures and printed onto quality, textured papers.

Cyanotype Art Prints and Paper Goods Inspired by Nature

What are Cyanotypes?

Cyanotypes are one of the oldest photographic printing processes, discovered in 1842 by English scientist Sir John Herschel. Paper is coated with iron compounds and exposed in UV light, creating a silhouette impression onto the paper. When washed in water, oxidation produces the brilliant blue or cyan colour, giving the process its name. You can use photographic negatives to create images or as I do, directly lay subjects onto the paper, known as photograms. 

Cornwall Porthcurno, cyanotype seaweed printing


Sub-tropical valleys & wild coastline

It's here, in Cornwall’s sub-tropical gardens and rugged, ever changing coastline, designs for my wall art collections take shape. From delicate pieces of seaweed found on the shoreline, to wild ferns growing in the hedgerows, I like to think that each subject used, connects you to the special place it came from.  


Cyanotype Process Paper Birch, Cornwall


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