About Paper Birch

Hi, I'm Krystal, a Graphic Designer living in Cornwall, UK. I started Paper Birch in 2016 as a creative outlet from the 9-5, a way to get off the screen and onto paper, immersing myself in nature as a starting point for designs.
If you've taken a look at my shop, you will have noticed I have a running blue theme (obsession!) and this comes from the Cyanotype printing technique. It’s an old school photographic process, initially used for architectural blue prints, with which I expose plant life, seaweed, paper cut shapes and patterns. The imagery created during this process can be experimental and completely one-off, which is what I love about it. 

cyanotype wall art and stationery, wall art prints designed in Cornwall

Cornwall Porthcurno, cyanotype seaweed printing


Sub-tropical valleys & wild coastline

It's here, in Cornwall’s sub-tropical gardens and rugged, ever changing coastline, designs for our wall art collections take shape. From delicate pieces of seaweed found on the shoreline, to wild ferns growing in the hedgerows, each subject connects you to the special place it came from.  


Cyanotype Process Paper Birch, Cornwall


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