About Paper Birch

Cyanotype printing and coastal living

 Paper Birch is a Wall Art & Paper Goods brand, founded by Graphic Designer Krystal Fanning. Based in Cornwall, UK, Krystal specialises in cyanotype printing and it's defining blue tone has become the signature style for Paper Birch. Inspired by coastal living, she uses carefully sourced British seaweed and ferns from the surrounding coastline to create beautiful, hand printed cyanotype prints. All of the art prints available online are re-produced from original sun-printed cyanotypes and are printed onto quality, sustainably sourced papers.

Cyanotype Art Prints and Paper Goods Inspired by Nature

The Process

All art prints and paper goods are made using the unique cyanotype printing process, creating original artworks by hand. Carefully sourced pieces of seaweed and plant life are exposed in the sunlight on to UV sensitive coated paper. After exposure, the coated surface is rinsed with water, leaving behind a cyan-blue image and a lasting impression of the subject.

Cornwall Porthcurno, cyanotype seaweed printing


Inspired by coastal living

It's here, in Cornwall’s sub-tropical gardens and beautiful, ever changing coastline, designs for Paper Birch collections take shape. From delicate pieces of seaweed found floating on the shoreline, to wild ferns growing in the nearby hedgerows, they all tell the story of this unique place. 


Cyanotype Process Paper Birch, Cornwall


As seen on Channel 4 celebrity craft masters Kirstie Allsopp
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